About King Photo Booth

Why Use Us?  We’ve been around since 1977 when our photo booths used Polaroid film.  Today we use state of the art computers, specialized software and always custom artwork made specifically for your event by a professional graphics artist.  All of our photo booth setups comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act & are wheelchair accessible. 

Today we understand each of  you has different needs and a different way of looking at the world.  Therefore we don’t use the “cookie cutter” approach to preparing your photo booth experience…this way no two photo booths are ever exactly the same.

Our in-house professional graphics artist prepares custom props, custom artwork and backgrounds especially for your event, celebration or marketing goals.  If we don’t know how to do something, we admit it and then quickly learn how to meet your needs.  We are also priced competitively on purpose.

You will NEVER see a photo booth attendant at your event, but instead a trained photographer who can solve almost any problem and make our “All for Fun & Fun for All!” slogan come to life!